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About Rena Hairston

In today’s world most are concerned with their own personal success. Not often does a person focus their life on helping others. Well that is exactly what Rena Hairston has done her entire life. Shortly after graduating high school the Las Vegas native created “Fresh Start ” a group home for young women with troubling backgrounds. From 2008-2012 Miss Hairston ran the successful group home after working with juveniles on parole or probation. “I have always felt that I was born to help others. My greatest satisfaction comes from working with the people in various communities to make a positive change”Rena has also worked with children who has special needs. She helped teach these children basic living skills. Miss Hairston also worked for the state of Nevada to produce job placement programs for parolees.

Recently Rena started her own company “Vegas Top Entertainment” that does booking and management for celebrity artist & models. She also co- created a female kickball league for the ladies of Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Ladies Kickball League is set to start a seven week schedule on September 6, 2015. “I’m excited about the kickball league because it will promote sisterhood, fitness, and community all rolled into one event” says Rena. As if this weren’t enough projects for one person, she has also added celebrity cooking to her long list of accomplishments. “I have always enjoyed cooking. I guess it’s another one of my nourishing habits. I love to see people light up as they taste my food. I started cooking for family and friends and the word just spread. Before I knew it I was getting calls from some of today’s biggest and brightest stars to prepare dishes for them” says Rena. Rena says her future goals are to open a restaurant in Las Vegas, make the Las Vegas Ladies Kickball League a huge success and continue helping those less fortunate than others.